Our vision

Our Vision

To assist owners in the purchase, &/or design and construction of buildings to ensure smooth, hassle free projects from concept to completion.

To assist owners to respond to Councils regarding the enforcement of illegal and dangerous buildings.


What we do for you

With qualifications and registrations in Design Drafting and Building Surveying and Inspecting, and over 30 years of combined experience in the building industry in relation to the design and construction of all classes of buildings we understand that building matters are complicated; with a virtual minefield of regulations and authorities to deal with.

In an independent capacity Trileight act as your agent; your eyes and ears, to assess your project, and keep it on track. We liaise with builders, tradespeople and other allied professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Planners, Conveyancers, Building Surveyors and Councils on your behalf.

Tripleight also specialise in all things domestic and are happy to provide you with advice about your next property purchase or dwelling construction; whether it be a proposed carport or garage, a new house, or an existing house or unit.

Tripleight Building Surveyor can also assist you when things go wrong and act as your agent to liaise with Councils Building Office regarding illegal building works to your property; responding to building notices and orders.