Professional Qualifications and Experience – Grace

Professional Qualifications and Experience – Brett

REGISTRATIONS: Building Surveyor – Unlimited Building Inspector – Unlimited OTHER AFFILIATIONS: A.I.B.S. (Australian Institute of Building Surveyors) An executive member for 13 years Past President of the A.I.B.S. Victoria for 2 years A long term and current Member –  and regularly attend seminars, workshops and conferences to upgrade my experience and qualifications V.M.B.S.G. (Victorian Municipal […]

Unregistered / Unqualified ‘Builders’ and illegal building works

Council Enforcement  Every week the Building Departments at Councils find themselves having to investigate situations where property owners have had illegal building work undertaken at their property. Usually this takes the form of simple structures such as carports, garages, verandah’s and the like; sometimes even dwelling alterations and additions, or other more substantial work. When […]

Building Surveyors – Working for you!

What we do  When you consider that almost anything you want to build on your land needs a building permit, Building Surveyors play a bigger part in the building process than many consumers may realise.  There is a common misconception that a Building Surveyor is the person you may see from time to time on […]

Building Regulations $5,000.00 Exemption Issue

History / Background The $5,000.00 exemption for minor works was introduced into the Building Regulations in August 1997. This exemption was the result of another amendment made at the same time which required building permits for Government Buildings. (Previously they had been exempt) It is understood that the government decided that if they were to […]

The difference between Building & Planning Permits

Building and Planning permits are controlled by two separate Acts of Parliament and administered by separate departments within Council. Planning permits may only be obtained from a Council’s Planning Department. Building permits may be obtained from either a Council Building Department, or a private Registered Building Surveyor. You may require a permit only under one Act, […]

Building Permit Examples

This table provides a guideline to instances when you do or don’t require a building permit. Please note that this is a guide only and for more specific cases, you should contact us or Council’s Building Department.

What requires a Building Permit?

Building Permits Generally, a building permit is required for all significant building work, and includes the construction, alteration, addition, demolition or removal of a building. Works ranging from fences sheds, pools and spas, garages, verandahs, dwellings, and commercial and industrial construction will require a building permit. Building permits are issued by Building Surveyors. Building inspections are […]

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Permit Drawings

Permit Drawings