The difference between Building & Planning Permits

Building and Planning permits are controlled by two separate Acts of Parliament and administered by separate departments within Council. Planning permits may only be obtained from a Council’s Planning Department.

Building permits may be obtained from either a Council Building Department, or a private Registered Building Surveyor.

You may require a permit only under one Act, but sometimes both Acts.

Obtaining a planning permit does not always remove the need to also obtain a building permit. In instances where both a planning and building permit are necessary  the law requires the planning permit to be issued prior to the building permit, with the building permit being consistent with the planning permit.

In simple terms a building permit deals with a building’s structural integrity and the health and amenity of users whilst a planning permit deals with local appropriateness of form, location or use – however these provisions can sometime overlap.

The easiest way to find out the requirements for your particular project is to contact us.

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