Building Regulations $5,000.00 Exemption Issue

History / Background

The $5,000.00 exemption for minor works was introduced into the Building Regulations in August 1997. This exemption was the result of another amendment made at the same time which required building permits for Government Buildings. (Previously they had been exempt)

It is understood that the government decided that if they were to now require permits for all their building works they would like a trade-off in the way of an exemption for all works carried out with a cost of less than $5,000.00.

This was granted, but in order to allow for a ‘level playing field’ everyone was to be now granted this exemption.

By the end of the year it appeared that the law makers saw the error of their ways in granting such a broad, ill-defined exemption. They reassessed the issue and re-amended the regulation in January of 1998.

Unfortunately however, the legacy of that carrot dangled in everyone’s faces was that many still believed that because their works might be less than $5,000.00 in value, they would automatically be granted the exemption. Not so.

The Requirements

Building Surveyors still occasionally have property owners, builders and the like inquiring about this exemption. Those who don’t will often go ahead and build at their own peril.

Whilst the introduction of the ResCode in August 2001 and amendments to the Building Regulations 2001 further complicated the issue, a further amendment on the in June of 2005 totally removed the reference to the $5,000 exemption so that today it no longer exists..

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    Building Regulations $5,000.00 Exemption Issue

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